Mediterranean Lamb Skillet

{Greek inspired} Mediterranean Lamb Skillet paleo friendly, wholesome, nut free, dairy free, and delicious photo 2 yummm! can i just say, this is seriously one of the best dishes i have ever eaten?? seriously, i’m not over exaggerating. photo 4 so as you can tell, i’ve been slacking on blogging lately. Well, not slacking, more like taking a break. I took a break for the summer. So while I was off line, a lot happened! I went to Disney. I went to art college for a week and racked up more than 20 hours worth of classes. I went on a church retreat. I had my birthday 🙂 and i spent some time serving and learning in Central America. And through every thing, I ate lots and lots of good food! I have decided that m favorite sushi roll is the “volcano roll.” I have also discovered a love for beans, rice, and plantains (i can thank Costa Rica for that one). Church retreat food is not the best but living off BPA-free canned lentil soup wasn’t too bad. And now, on my fall break, my aunt has made me an incredible dinner called “Anja’s Mediterranean Lamb Skillet.” photo 1-2 the best way to give you a brief over view of this dish is to give you a little history of the chef. The chef is my aunt, Anja. Anja is from Cyprus, an island country in the Mediterranean sea. She has lived in Cyprus, Africa, and many others. She moved to Georgia (US) for college and has since then lived in West Virginia, Alabama, and Florida. To say the least, she has experienced a lot of different cultures and so has this dish. So enjoy this well-traveled dish with a Mediterranean flare. photo 3 i love this recipe for many reasons. one, because my aunt made it two, because its delicious three, because its simple to make and four, because its real, wholesome food photo 3 Ingredients: 2-3 tbs coconut oil 1 med onion diced 2 -3 cloves garlic minced 1 med tomato diced, 1 lb fresh green beans 1 lb ground meat lamb mediterranean spices (oregano, thyme, rosemary, parsley) salt and pepper.

to cook:
heat oil in skillet,
sauté onion (about five minutes) then add meat, garlic and all spices (to taste, i go strong on herbs, about 1/2 -1 teaspoon each, though you can start light and keep tasting).
Once the meat is cooked through, add tomato and green beans, sauté until beans start to soften (10-15 min)
sauté until meat is cooked through and green beans are tender. serve warm.
enjoy! serves about 3-4 people
photo 4

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