How to make a “French Omelette”

20140125_094325i admit, even though there are so many creative breakfast cereal, pancakes, and bar recipes out there, i’m always sucker for a big plate of home cooked eggs.

Scrambled, poached, soft boiled,  hard boiled, over-easy, sunny side up, even rocky mountain toast…. you name it, i like it.

Another favorite of mine is the omelette.  The fluffier, the better!


So here is your how-to for the world’s fluffiest omelette ever:

how-to french omlete


The French Omelette.



Since this is a “french omelette,” i felt the need to be a little fancy. It is filled with mix of shaved butternut squash, mint, cilantro, and radish along with different spices and a dash of red wine vinegar. I highly recommend trying that filling, as its tastes great, but french omelettes can be filled with what ever you please. Spinach with herbs, grey salt, and goat is another wonderful idea. Just get creative.


There are a few ingredients essential to an omelette: eggs, salt, and something to grease your pan with (because i refuse the use of nonstick pans)


with that said, you will need:


2-4 farm fresh eggs

a tbsp of coconut oil or ghee

your filling of choice


salt and other spices (to taste)

chop sticks or spatula

a omelette pan

a spatula



the way you cook the eggs it what gives the omelette its fluffiness:



start by cracking your eggs in to a cup. this is when you will add your salt and spices. whisk.


melt your oil/ghee in your omelette pan over a medium-low heat


once the oil is melted and the pan is warm, pour the egg in the pan


*this is when the magic happens* using your chopsticks or spatula, move the egg mix around the pan as if you were making scrambled eggs. Only do this for a few seconds!!! As the egg mixture cooks, press it back in its place, making sure there are no gaps in the circular sheet of fluffy-eggs on the bottom of the pan.


put on the filling and turn of the heat when the omelette seems thoroughly cooked but not burnt or dry








roll the omelette out of the pan with your spatula. when it is on your plate it should be in the proper, folded position of an omelette

enjoy 🙂












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