Protein Power Pancakes


paleo protein power pancakes!

whoever said you shouldn’t eat cake for breakfast was wrong
because pancakes, technically, are cakes
and pancakes *drum role please* can be healthy for you! whoda thought, right?

paleo protein power pancakes!

by healthy, i most definitely DO NOT mean the McDonald’s cheapo pancakes or the sugar filled box mix type (i’m gagging as i mention McDonald’s) not even your good ol’ granny’s famous buttermilk hotcakes

i am talkin bout these…..

paleo protein power pancakes

ingredient info:

2 ingredients
Say whaaaaat? Holy hotcakes thats crazy!

For me to call something healthy, it has to match a very specific list of criteria:

  • no gmos
  • no aspertame
  • un/minimally processed
  • all whole/real food ingredients
  • no refined sugars
  • each ingredient is nurishing

and my lil’ pan cakes fit-the-bill!

plus they are PALEO, GAPS-LEGAL, and SCD diet approved

paleo protein power pancakes

the organic eggs, from free-range, hormone/antibiotic free, happy chickens, are extremely nutritional! The yolks contain omega3’s and healthy “fats” (though, i think the word fat is totally cliche…). They also provide protein.

the banana is an inexpensive, healthy way to keep your hot cakes sweet! the natural sweetness of this fabulous fruit leaves no need for refined sugars

the whey powder, okay, so this recipe may have 3 ingredients if you add te whey, but its completely OPTIONAL, though this is a major source of protein. That said, I typically don’t like whey or other protein powders because they often contain things like lethicins, flavorings, and gmo ingredients. This is not the case with Raw Organic WheyTM.

This whey is raw, only 1 ingredient, and organic! pretty healthy stuff that fits my “healthy” list

paleo protein power pancakes!

but without further ado, here is your healthy breakfast recipe:

  1. 2 organic eggs
  2. 1 banana

*optional: 2-3 tbsp of Raw Organic WheyTM protein powder
*optional: a 1/4 tsp vanilla

coconut oil, ghee, or butter for pan

mash the banana well and mix together with the other ingredient(s) in a bowl. Melt cooking fat (coconut oil, ghee, or butter) in a pan. Spoon about 1-2 tbsp of batter on the pan per pancake (this part you can play around with). Then cook pancakes for 1-2 minutes before flipping. Cook until pancakes are a nice golden brown and then serve! 🙂 maybe put some cinnamon, berries, or coconut butter on top?


paleo protein power pancakes


3 thoughts on “Protein Power Pancakes

  1. thank you!! all pancakes should be healthy, quick, and easy to make!
    i’m doing good (high school is pretty crazy though, haha)
    btw i LOVE your “meatza” recipe! i don’t like touching raw meat, so i’m try to convince my dad to cook it for me lol

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