Christmas Drinks


Cookie dipping time!


Its Christmas time and that means cookies (check out my Christmas cookie post), but the dilemma is… what to dip your cookies in??


As part of the wonderful Eating4Balance 12 days of Christmas blogging event, I have set out to find the most delicious holiday drinks out there…. allergy friendly/special diet style! Here are some of my favorite festive refreshments. I you have a favorite I didn’t mention, leave me a comment with the link to it!


hot cocoa… with a metabolic boost from Healy Real Food Vegetarian (dairy free)

creamy gaps friendly eggnog from Cheesesalve (dairy-free)

raw eggnog from Cheesesalve (raw)

coconut kefir eggnog from Cultured Food Life (sugar free)

raw vegan eggnog from Rawified (vegan, raw)


pumpkin pie smoothie from Against All Grain (paleo friendly)

paleo apple cider from Paleo Effect (paleo friendly)

healing “apple cider” recipe from Lexie’s Kitchen (sugar free) this one has a secretย ingredient….. apple cider vinegar!


peppermint mocha from Healy Real Food Vegetarian (dairy free, vegan option)

raw frappuccinos from Rawified (diary free, vegan, raw)

gingerbread latte from Healy Real Food Vegetarian (vegan option, dairy free)

raw blizzard from Rawified (dairy free, raw, vegan)

pumpkin spice latte from Healy Real Food Vegetarian (vegan)

top it off….

cacao hot fudge sauce from Sprout and Squats (vegan)

pair with….

marshmallow crunch cookies from Against All Grainย (grain free)

What holiday drink is your favorite cookie pair?



10 thoughts on “Christmas Drinks

  1. This turned out great Rosie! Thanks for participating.

    Now I want to get one of those frothers that they used to make those lattes! My friend has one that she’s used to make hot chocolate and I think they just sound so neat.

    Oh, and the pumpkin latte? Yum! I think we have all of the ingredients at home ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hmm. And for some reason not all of the links are working on my end. Like for the blizzard? Maybe it’s just my computer though. Haha.

    1. Glad you liked it!! My mom has one of the frothers and she lets me borrow it to make macha tea and “white hot chocolate”
      sooooo good! ๐Ÿ˜€
      loved the breakfast round up by the way!
      the links seem to be working from my computers but i can double check
      Merry Christmas!

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