Pumpkin Custard Cups


I love fall! The colorful leaves, the sweet smell of cinnamon spice, and the oh-so-popular pumpkin…..


This custard is literally autumn in a cup! Well, actually, in a tea cup. It is a creamy, colorful, pumpkin dessert that smells of cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves ❤ And they’re served in a tea cup for extra vintage cuteness!!


All About the Ingredients…

First off, this custard only works with creamy, not lumpy, [coconut] cream. Though I haven’t tried making it with real dairy cream, I suppose it would work quite well, only if you can tolerate dairy.

Second, this custard NEEDS GELATIN! Grass-fed gelatin provides a fabulous source of collagen and  protein, plus its add a fun flare to recipes. I highly recommend the brand “Great Lakes” Unflavored Gelatin. It might seem a bit pricey, but i get mine for half the price from a local co-op.  Gelatin, if not used properly, can make a recipe grainy and “goopy”, but this custard calls for the gelatin to be heated (which completely gets rid of the odd texture).

Lastly, the pumpkin!!!! Pumpkin is so easy to find this time of year and you can get your pumpkin puree a number of ways. You can roast the pumpkin yourself, if your up for the challenge 😉  You can buy organic canned pumpkin, from a BPA free can, or my favorite option…. organic pumpkin puree in a paper-like bag from the Fig Food Co.


I made this recipe for the first time last week and it was so delicious! EVERYONE should make it at least once this fall 🙂

Now for the recipe…

please go to the Urban Poser to find out how to make these decadent pumpkin custard cups!

Have a happy fall!




One thought on “Pumpkin Custard Cups

  1. You are so creative and you constantly impress me with how fancy you make food look! I love the cinnamon sprinkled into shapes on these cups! This custard is pretty and delicious!

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