Cucumber mango salad


Sorry guys, latley I haven’t been posting much! High school takes a lot more work than I expected. I can hardly even find time to work out as much as I like! So here I am now, making a long over due post with my grandmas cell phone…


Nana: thanks to letting me borrow your phone to share this recipe 🙂


Even though it’s fall, I’m craving mangoes like crazy! And what better than to pair some with a nice refreshing cucumber. I also use “ume plum vinegar” to give this salad recipe a unique tang. You can find ume plum vinegar in the Asian aisle at most grocery stores, but if you still can’t find any, I assume apple cider vinegar would work well.


Cucumber mango salad:
1 large, organic cucumber
1 ripe mango
1 tsp ume plum vinegar ( you can adjust this to taste)

Dice the mango and cucumber and toss with vinegar in a bowl. That’s it! Simple, right??
Enjoy a good helping of this with chopsticks (chopsticks make eating anything more fun) 🙂




One thought on “Cucumber mango salad

  1. Hi there! If you are reading this post, you might confused what “umi plum vinegar” is. Well, it’s actually spelled “ume” plum vinegar. Sorry for the typo, my phone’s spell check likes to mess things up! i’ll probably change this soon

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