allergy friendly goldfish

this post is shared at Healing With Food Friday! 🙂

i am slowly, but surely introducing foods back into my diet. Yay!! A few days ago i started introducing seeds. my mother bought a package of organic roasted pumpkin seeds that was on sale. Ah, pumpkin seeds taste so good once you try them after months of waiting.

grain free healthy goldfish

but then there was something i didn’t expect…. an unusual, almost “cheesy” taste that reminded me of goldfish

lightbulb!  these little babies are the product of my over active mind

so yes, the secret ingredient in these little crackers is pumpkin seeds

and this is a super great recipe this time of the year, with halloween and thanks giving right around the corner, pumpkin season is almost here!

grain free healthy goldfish

about the “secret ingredient”

  • no grains/nuts/gluten
  • high protein
  • high in iron
  • good source of fiber
  • some consider pumpkin a “super food”
  • simple and easy
  • looks like goldfish crackers!
goldfish crackers
i got a little of the cocoa sauce on my hand

to prepare your pumplin seeds, here is a few good recipes to try:

crispy pumpkin seeds

easy pumpkin seeds 

roasted pumpkin seeds


now you might be wondering how to make the little eyes and smiles…

“edible paint” ingredients:

1/4 heaping tsp of cacao/ cocoa powder

1/4 tsp coconut oil

a pinch of salt (optional)

mix the ingredients together till the form a thick paste. if the mixture is too runny, add a little more cocoa/cacao.


Dip a small, thin paint brush in the “edible paint” and dot the goldfishes’ eyes. you can even make little smiles too 🙂  let them dry for a few minutes so their smiles don’t rub off. All done!




8 thoughts on “allergy friendly goldfish

  1. What a seriously cute idea!

    That is awesome news to hear that you are reintroducing some foods. I’m only eat 2 or 3 things right now but feeling better… Here’s to hoping that I can eat a few more things come the new year. Haha!

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