6 Super Smoothies and wellness fest

Today was a blast! I spent the day assisting my mom with her job 🙂

6 super smoothies! dairy free option, healthy fats, vegan option

In case you have read some of my earlier posts, my mom (kissjanell) has a company called Pantry TakeOver® where she goes into peoples houses to clean out there pantry, teach them about healthy eating, and teach them to cook real foods. My family is ALL about organic eating, “real foods,” and no gmo. Today she was hired at a pilates studio to go make smoothies and support an upcoming wellness fair! I was dragged along as her aprentence…. okay, maybe not dragged 😉

the pilates studio, Pilates Edge, is run by a wonderful lady named Liane and it was awesome to be working there for the afternoon.  when the yoga class was in session, i was setting up the blender and menus so i got to watch a good portion class. Therapeutic massages are held there as well!

super smoothies! that a "whey"
todays menu

So, as far as the smoothies… here is today’s menu

Pantry TakeOver®
Key Ingredients to a healthier life!

 Smoothie Menu (all berries and cherries are frozen): 

protein powder is optional if you have a restricted diet

Very Cherry: My personal favorite, cherries, Organic banana, Organic coconut milk, organic whey or vegan protein powder

Berry Coconut Bliss:  Organic Raspberries, Organic strawberries, Organic blueberries, Organic coconut milk, organic whey or vegan protein powder

Strawberry Banana: Organic Strawberries, Organic bananas, Organic coconut milk, organic whey or vegan protein powder

Blueberry Banana: Organic Blueberries, Organic bananas, Organic coconut milk, organic whey or vegan protein powder

Pina Colada: Pineapple, organic bananas, organic coconut milk, organic shredded coconut, organic whey or vegan protein powder

pb&j: Organic banana, Nut butter (sunflower, peanut, almond…), Organic cherries or raspberries, Organic coconut milk, protein powder of choice

(Please visit http://www.pantrytakeover.com for more recipes, information and services)

super smoothies! thats the "whey"

*a few notes about the smoothies*-

Teras Whey has organic soy lethicin while Warrior Whey has sunflower lethicin

  • my favorite vegan protein powder is Vegapro
  • coconut milk- native forest bpa-free canned variety but you can you almond milk if you prefer that
  • water down coconut milk if you are using the full-fat kind
  •  add ice to smoothies
  • must be organic whey powder!!! 

smoothie recipe portion- a frothy smoothie with about 1 banana should serve 2 people and the protien powder makes them filling

supers smoothies... thats the whey!
this vita mix accidently went off in the middle of the yoga class…. oops!

The coconut milk- gives the smoothies a source of good, healthy fats…… yes, i said it, fats. GOOD fats. If your body doesn’t get enough healthy fats, its will go on craving more food and then you will do one of two things: either eat more and more to try to satisfy yours body’s needs, or you will starve your body of good healthy nutrients be ignoring the cravings. Make sure you get your GOOD, HEALTHY fats to really make your happy tummy last.

importance of good fats
my wonderful mama giving a talk on organic whey

my mom explained the “healthy fat principle” to everyone at the smoothie fest. Most people were shocked to find out how good fats can be! She explained the importance the grass fed whey, the organic fruit, and how helpful a vita mix is as well. Ya gotta love her!

enjoy some super smoothies!!



2 thoughts on “6 Super Smoothies and wellness fest

  1. I discovered these healthy smoothies are not only delicious but so satisfying n great source of protein. Most AWESOME Mother n Daughter team!!!!

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