Good Morning Grain Free

breakfast of champions

6:15- “rosie, its time to get up”
“15 more minutes”
“no, 5”
” fine, 10″

6:30- “get up rosie!!!”

7:00- walk down stairs, dressed and ready

7:05- what to make for breakfast…..

Your guide to hearty, healthy breakfast… paleo style

Falling into the rut of eating the same thing every morning can be quite common for those eating grain free or paleo, but what if you want to shake up your diet a little bit?? If only a hearty breakfast could be healthy, quick, and simple… well, it can! Cooking quick, sustainable breakfasts for school/work mornings might seem like a challenge but it’s actually very simple! Whether you want new, unique breakfast foods or re-vamped breakfast staples, here are some of my favourite quick and easy recipes for busy weekday mornings


no potato hash browns– a lean, clean breakfast (i usually bake the squash the night before)

cinnamon sugar crunch– a fabulous egg free option


banana pancakes– blogilates brings you the worlds most simple pancakes

banana bread– for those with a sweet tooth

fun way to eat eggs– jazz up your traditional egg


waffles– yummy and fluffy

morning glory muffins– comfy belly’s hearty muffins

apple, squash, bacon hash– this reminds me of the breakfast potatoes at JChristopher’s


butternut breakfast skillet– “break the breakfast mold” with this egg free dish

popovers– another one of comfy belly’s grain free twists on common breakfast foods


squash fritta– if you don’t have a dairy allergy, this is perfection in a pan

secret ingredient pancakes– empowered sustenance shakes things up… with a bit of gelatin!


coconut milk yogurt– small footprint family bring you a yummy, dairy free yogurt! perfect for those with a dehydrator

butternut mash– another filling recipe from empowered sustenance

porridge– protein packed and paleo

as much as i love these recipes, i can’t take credit for them all. so please, click the links or pictures to be directed to the original  posts! hope you enjoy these breakfast ideas!



2 thoughts on “Good Morning Grain Free

  1. Yummy breakfast ideas – great for getting me out of my “same thing for breakfast” slump! Thanks, Rosie!!

  2. Your welcome, Glad to be of help! If you liked these recipes, be sure to check out my pinterest board: My Big Fat Breakfast. This is just a sampling of all the great stuff i have on the board!

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