the school day dilemma

Summer is coming to an end and as start of the school year nears, I find myself asking “what will i pack for school lunch?” The great thing about summer is that i have so much time! i can blog, read, run, and cook up a storm whenever. But trying to juggle high school, sports, and a job at the smoothie bar leaves me hardly enough time to make school lunches… that are GAPS legal!

That’s the school day dilemma.

Never the less, if there’s a will, there’s a way and heres the 101 on what to pack for school(or work) lunches. I don’t know any other people my age on the GAPS diet (though, i am sure they are out there somewhere) but this article can apply to anyone, from elementary schoolers to people trying to balance a grain free diet at work. I have posted links to all my favorite lunch recipes…


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tips from rosie: the fruit leathers the perfect snack to take if you won’t be around a fridge for awhile



tips from rosie: the super kale salad saves great in the fridge because is soaks up the dressing and becomes more flavorful


hearty options:

tips from rosie: i like to make a loaf of bread or large batch of flatbreads on sundays to use for my school lunchs7e98f33cf3c2808d0d3572d5075f16c3~rosie


2 thoughts on “the school day dilemma

  1. Great recipes!! Have already tried a few and looking forward to trying more!! Sure your lunches will be a big hit!

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