DIY painted phone case


I recently dropped my phone and shattered the screen… so when I got my phone repaired, I decided that I should probably buy a case. Being the type of person who doesn’t like spending money, I bought a cheap 2 dollar case from on amazon. It was just a plain pink colour, nothing special. Yesturday, I decided to jazz it up a bit by painting it! I am going through one of those phases where I am into cool tribal-ish print.

You’ll need:
* a phone case (a hard, plain color one)
*paint (I just used some cheap white paint I found @ the craft store and nail polish)
*some sort of varnish (you can use clear nail polish)

Use sharpies to create a design you like on your phone case. Careful with this part because you can’t erase and it can be easily smudged. I used white paint to add dots, shapes, and create texture. After letting your paint dry, coat it with a varnish or clear nail polish. The insure the design would not get messed up, I did a few layers of varnish. Let dry then put on your phone and show off your orignal, cute case!


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