Grain Free Butternut Flatbreads


So I have recently been experimenting with a bunch of gelatin recipes and i found some, on a site called Empowered Sustenance, that i really like!!! I love this one sooooo much!


This recipe actually changed my life


almost every school day, two of these little flatbreads save day! i use them for sandwiches, make them into muffins, and even biscuits! they are just so amazingly good!!

some flatbread creations:

grain free flat breads
as mini pizza crusts!
grain free flat breads
yummy grilled cheese 🙂
grain free flat breads
with my roasted beet sliders!

go to Grain Free Butternut (or Sweet Potato) Flatbread for full recipe! 

Note from rosie: the flatbreads actually save well in the fridge and you could substitute the squash for pumpkin or applesauce!


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